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Drive your business forward with Emarketinglizt, the premier provider of targeted B2B email lists for the automotive and logistics industries. We handpick and verify each contact, ensuring 90% accuracy or your money back, so you can reach the right decision-makers and maximize your marketing ROI.

Rev your marketing engine and ignite lead generation with laser-focused automotive email lists! Whether you’re a tire supplier targeting distributors, a software solution seeking logistics managers, or a marketing agency searching for automotive influencers, our premium automobile industry email lists connect you with the decision-makers who propel your business forward. Our automotive mailing lists span executives, engineers, and all levels of industry professionals, ensuring your message reaches the right audience every time. Ditch generic mailing lists and accelerate your ROI with the targeted precision of Emarketinglizt’s Automotive Industry Email Database. Contact us today and fuel your marketing success!

about us

Our Process

  • Industry Expertise: We possess deep business knowledge of both automotive and logistics, allowing us to identify and segment contacts with unparalleled precision.
  • Human-Powered Verification: No bots or automation here! Every contact is handpicked and verified to ensure accuracy and deliverability.
  • Regular Updates: Our lists are constantly refreshed to stay ahead of industry shifts and keep your marketing efforts on the cutting edge.

Our Specialized B2B Email List Offered

Email ListsCounts
Truck Rental and Leasing Email list10,595
Passenger Car Rental Email list10,848
Passenger Car Leasing Email list438
Utility Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Rental Email list1,910
Automobile Parking Email list2,923
Top, Body, and Upholstery Repair Shops and Paint Shops Email list21,711
Automotive Exhaust System Repair Shops Email list3,314
Tire Retreading and Repair Shops Email list577
Automotive Glass Replacement Shops Email list4,030
Automotive Transmission Repair Shops Email list3,694
General Automotive Repair Shops Email List32,394
Automotive Repair Shops Email list22,742
Carwashes Email list10,230
Automotive Services, Except Repair and Carwashes Email list15,682
Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles Email list3,652
Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts Email list10,316
Tires and Tubes Email list1,544
Motor Vehicle Parts, Used Email list2,747
Motor Vehicle Dealers (New and Used) Email list39,298
Motor Vehicle Dealers (Used Only) Email list19,207
Auto and Home Supply Stores Email list42,269
Gasoline Service Stations Email list35,908
Boat Dealers Email list5,929
Recreational Vehicle Dealers Email list2,800
Motorcycle Dealers Email list6,213
Automotive Dealers  Email list80,207
Railroads Email list1,877
Railroad Switching and Terminal Establishments Email list192
Local and Suburban Transit Email list3,027
Local Passenger Transportation, Email list12,153
Taxicabs Email list2,712
Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation Email list700
Local Bus Charter Service Email list750
Bus Charter Service, Except Local Email list1,186
Terminal and Service Facilities for Motor Vehicle Passenger Transportation Email list208
Local Trucking Without Storage Email list19,776
Trucking, Except Local Email list14,614
Local Trucking With Storage Email list2,945
Email ListsCounts
Farm Product Warehousing and Storage Email list355
Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage Email list1,003
General Warehousing and Storage Email list23,096
Special Warehousing and Storage Email list4,986
Terminal and Joint Terminal Maintenance Facilities for Motor Freight Transportation Email list282
United States Postal Service Email list21,910
Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight Email list319
Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight Email list121
Freight Transportation  Email list23
Water Transportation of Freight Email list257
Deep Sea Transportation of Passengers Email list71
Ferries Email list112
Water Transportation of Passengers Email list483
Marine Cargo Handling Email list760
Towing and Tugboat Services Email list396
Marinas Email list3,750
Water Transportation Services Email list936
Air Transportation, Scheduled Email list2,059
Air Courier Services Email list984
Air Transportation, Nonscheduled Email list1,219
Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services Email list8,430
Crude Petroleum Pipelines Email list447
Refined Petroleum Pipelines Email list151
Pipelines Email list670
Travel Agencies Email list18,565
Tour Operators Email list5,354
Arrangement of Passenger Transportation Email list24,386
Arrangement of Transportation of Freight and Cargo Email list19,467
Packing and Crating Email list746
Fixed Facilities and Inspection and Weighing Services for Motor Vehicle Transportation Email list388
Transportation Services Email list62,172
Fuel Oil Dealers Email list3,138
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Bottled Gas) Dealers Email list3,232
Fuel Dealers Email list6,560
Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs Email list10,281
Courier Services, Except by Air Email list3,418

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4+ Years of Industry Experience: We’ve been helping businesses like yours rev up their marketing engines for over four years.

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Our team understands the intricacies of both automotive and logistics, ensuring your email lists hit the bullseye.

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We’re passionate about your success and committed to providing you with the best possible service.

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